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Bhaktapur police launch campaign against wayward students


* In the first phase, police hand over students at fault to their guardians

* They initiate action against if first-time offenders do not mend ways

* Police also plan to take operators of cinema halls, restaurants, pool houses and lodges, who let students in uniform in

Kathmandu, February 4. Metropolitan Police Crime Division Bhaktapur has launched a campaign targeting wayward college students, who frequent cinema halls, snooker houses, futsal complexes and loiter around parks instead of attending regular classes.

Superintendent of Police Kiran Bajracharya, chief of MPCD Bhaktapur, said they launched the campaign amid a spurt in criminal activities involving college-goers, who do not bother to attend classes and venture out elsewhere without informing their guardians.

We launched the campaign after getting information that students are frequenting snooker and pool houses instead of attending classes, engaging themselves in betting and taking drugs, Bajracharya said. Police have received complaints that students in uniform frequent restaurants for smoking cigarettes, marijuana and hookah, Bajracharya said. We will raid lodges and restaurants to bring these activities under control, he said.

In the first phase, we will catch wayward students and hand them over to guardians and teachers of colleges concerned, Bajracharya said, adding they will initiate legal action if the students do not mend ways.

Police have warned operators of cinema halls, restaurants, lodges, pool houses and futsal complexes not to let in students in uniform, warning them not to allow the students to smoke marijuana, cigarette and hookah.

Bajracharya warned that those operators, who do not heed police warning, will face action. He asked guardians to closely monitor activities of college-goers.

Last Friday, police had nabbed 33 students in uniform from a cinema hall and handed them over to their guardians.

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